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K I E F T    P A C K I N G    F A C I L I T Y
Purpose built high quality energy efficient packing & storage area some 60,000 sq. ft.
Fully insulated, heated, lighting and fire alarms to local authority requirements. Continuous air circulation by system of fans. One building designed for the optimum storage of daffodil bulbs and onion sets.
MACHINERY - Three of the  “Cremer” Packing Lines, each capable of producing up to 2500 packs per hour, equipped with electronic counting and capper machines.   We have also incorporated inspection belts prior to final packing. In a normal 8-hour shift, we can produce in excess of 60,000 packs.
Note: We have access to 13 more packing lines as the above, at our sister company in Holland.
We have three other Cremer packing machines on site to cope with larger sizes of daffodil bulbs.

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